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Are cheap websites any good?

There Will Always Be Someone Cheaper

When it comes to websites, there will always be someone cheaper. MUCH cheaper! But the question is, would you trust them?

Google Analytics Banned EU

Google Analytics Banned In Austria

I know, you're thinking: "What is Google Analytics and anyway, this doesn't affect me as I'm not in Austria." But read on. This most likely DOES, and you could be fined.

Optimise pictures for your website

Processing Images For Websites Part 2

In part two of the processing images for the web, we cover using online tools to edit your images. To keep things simple we've made a how-to video.

Promote a blog post on Facebook

Promote A Blog On Social Media

Promoting your blog posts on social media seems obvious, but many forget, and those that do often do it wrong. Here's a quick video covering the basics.

Optimise pictures for your website

Processing Images For Websites Part 1

Websites need images, but getting them ready for your website is a bit of a black art. Over two posts, I will cover why processing your images is essential, and in the next, how to do it.

Optimise pictures for your website

Why You Need A blog

What have successful websites got in common? Great design & cool pictures? Nope. It's a blog, full of interesting, informing and engaging posts. Here's why.

Optimise pictures for your website

Selling Online: The Reality

If you listen to the adverts for ecommerce platforms within five minutes of your store going online you'll be swamped with orders. In all but the rarest cases the reality is very very different.

Google My Business Manage

Google My Business

If your customers are all local to your business, you need to make the most of Google My Business. What is Google My business? It's the core of Googles local search tool, it's free and can shot you right to the top of the search results, almost overnight.

Facebook Is Not Your Website

Facebook Is Not Your Website

Yes, we get it: A business that builds websites is saying Facebook is not, and can not, replace a proper website, is somewhat predictable. But hear us out. Facebook as your primary digital footprint is a risky strategy.

Our website Design Process

How We Build Websites

As covered in a previous post we don't use Wordpress or any other type of in-browser website editor. In this blog post we're going to talk about how we build them and the tools we use.

Spread The Cost

Spread The Cost Of A New Website

Please note: This offer ended Sept 31st. We have now reverted back to our standard terms of engagement: 50% upfront, then the balance on completion.

Invest NI Grant

Invest NI Grant

Until March 12th 2021 Invest NI is running the Micro-business E-commerce Grant (MBEG) which offers eligible "micro businesses" (less than 10 employees) a grant of upto £5k towards a new ecommerce website.

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