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New Newsletter Software: Better - Faster - Cheaper!

Newsletters are big part of what we do, but they also represent some of the biggest challenges, because creating engaging and visually interesting newsletters that display correctly in all email clients (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) is a constantly moving goal.

Thanks though to the new software we're now using things just got a whole lot easier and quicker: And quicker for us means cheaper for you :-)

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First WorkShop Website goes live!

A month or so ago we launched out new WorkShop WebSite platform. If you didn't catch the blog post about it, it's a super simple CMS system aimed exclusively at the cycle workshop operator.

We have several client sites in the pipeline, but the first has now gone live, and it's one of out oldest clients: Bike Spanner!

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WorkShop WebSite: CMS for the cycle workshop

As mentioned on the Bike Page, our connections with the bike trade run deep: Caffeine Injection co-founder Steve owned a cycle shop for 16 years, and although he has now moved on, committing most of his time to Caffeine projects, he still owns a cycle workshop business, for which we built the website ( So it's little wonder that other mechanics have approached us to build sites for their workshops.

To cut a long story short, we soon realised that most want more or less the same thing from their sites, so we created WorkShop WebSite; a pre-defined CMS site built built exclusively for the cycle workshop operator.

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Client Site: The Bike Shop Leeds (iBikeshop)

We're pleased to announce the launch of another of our iBikeshop makeovers, this time The Bike Shop Leeds, a family focused IBD located, as you can guess, in Leeds!

The Bike Shop Leeds is a long term iBikeshop client, and after having the site moved to the new responsive version of the platform last year, it has in the shop owners own words "been somewhat neglected in recent times". As is often the case the pressure of running a modern day bike shop means the "to-do" list is a long one, and often the website never gets very far up the list.

So, to give the site a makeover we were bought in, and we're really pleased with the results.

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Why Facebook will NOT replace your website

Having a social media presence is essential for business. It’s how many now view your business on a regular basis. However, some are starting to think, and indeed Facebook is starting to promote, that nowadays you don't need a website, just Facebook.

Now I know you might say "well, you're bound to say that, aren't you?" to this next statement, but the notion that Facebook could replace your website is laughable.
In fact, it's more than laughable; it's scary. Facebook in its present form could never replace your website, but they want you to think that because if you buy into it, they have you at their mercy.

Why? Here's why...

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