Digital Marketing

I'm Steve. I do digital marketing. I can maximise everything you do online with a coordinated digital marketing strategy.

Joining The Dots

Digital marketing is the coordination of everything you do online to promote your business.

It's joining the dots between things like your website, social media and email newsletters. Which helps increase conversion.

How I Help

I can create a strategy, ensuring all your platforms send the same message.

Website pages, blog and social media posts and email campaigns. I connect them all for maximum bang per buck.

Mixed Messages

If your social media is saying X, and your email campaign is saying Y, and your website is saying Z, you're sending out mixed messages, and that will confuse.

I ensure everything is on-point, with one message, one set of graphics and copy that works on each individual platform.

And I'll make sure everything happens in unison.

Social Media

When done right, social media can be a powerful tool for reaching existing customers and new prospects.

Whether to build brand awareness, promote a new product or service, or grow loyalty, I can help turn your followers into clients.

Focussed posts as part of a coordinated campaign can make all the difference.

Email Campaign

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to put your brand and message in front of customers and prospects.

Regular email "newsletters" will increase your brand awareness, encouraging recall when the recipients require the services you offer.

I can manage the entire process with our managed email marketing services

Landing Page

Digital marketing drives traffic to your website, so you need a page related to the campaign with the same images etc.

This can be as simple as a blog post, an updated homepage or a dedicated landing page.

Blog Posts

Without a doubt the most cost-effective landing page. We can create a post that reflects your message and encourages engagement and conversion.

If I create the campaign, I can use the same images too.

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