About Us

Based in Northern Ireland, we build and manage websites for small business.

Our Beginnings

In 2001 Caffeine co-founder, Steve, owned a retail business and wanted to take it online, budgets were tight so he set about learning to do it himself.

Over the next ten years, Steve learnt how to leverage the most out of the internet while sticking to tight budgets.

Around 2011 other businesses, impressed by what Steve was achieving online with tiny budgets compared to the big players, started to ask for help with their online footprints.

The Team

At Caffeine Injection we don't have a large team of full time staffers. There is only one person on the permanent payroll (Steve), the rest are dedicated regular freelancers who are bought onboard as projects demand.


Head Of Everything!

Steve is the driving force behind Caffeine Injection and the only full time staffer. He deals with client liason and initial design & construction. Although he has no formal training, Steve brings a wealth of real-world experience to the table and understands implicitly how a websites needs to look and feel to be successful.


Site Building Problem Solver

Mike is the guy Steve goes to when he has an idea, but can't make it happen. Mike normally says "it can't be done", then goes and does it. He has a perma-tan on his face from all the time he sits staring at a computer screen.

Our Location

Our team is spread over the planet, but the HQ is just outside Ballynahinch, County Down in Northern Ireland, in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, a rugged and no-nonsense landscape.

Our Tools

Like most agencies nowadays we rarely hand code our sites. In this day and age hand coding a website is a bit like performing advanced maths without a calculator: You can do it, but why would you?

Instead we use frameworks, normally based off Foundation or Bootstrap.

Our Address

Caffeine Injection
10c 72b Dunmore Road
Co. Down BT24 8PR


Handmade In County Down Northern Ireland

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