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Based in Northern Ireland, we build and manage websites for small business in the cycle, health & beauty sectors.

We websites.

Our IBD Beginnings

In 2001 Caffeine co-founder, Steve, owned a bike shop and wanted to take it online, budgets were tight (they're always tight in the bike trade!) so he set about learning to do it himself.

Over the next ten years, Steve learnt how to leverage the most out of the internet while sticking to tight budgets.

By 2011 the shop had weathered the credit crunch and was going from strength to strength.

Around this time other bike shop owners were approaching Steve for advice on how to get the most out of their online presence in a changing marketplace.

2013 and the requests for help were growing with more time was being spent supporting other bike shops than driving his own forward, so enlisting the help of others Caffeine Injection was born.

Over the next three years the portfolio of clients and services developed at pace and Caffeine Injection expanded beyond the bike trade into the beauty sector.

In 2016 Steve decided to close his bike shop to focus on Caffeine Injection, which was had become known within the bike trade as a go-to agency with real-world experience.

Full Speed Ahead

In 2016 Caffeine Injection had big goals. Talented new people were bought into the team, and some big clients added.

Working for the big boys was soulless though so the decision was made to stay small and only work with sole traders and small business.

The decision was also made to continue to focus on the IBD / workshop sector and the health and beauty market.

To this day the Caffeine Injection team remains small with most working ad hoc, thus keeping our costs down.

We now work hand in glove with a growing number of bike shops, cycle workshop and health & beauty businesses managing every aspect of their online presence.

They see us as an extension of their in-house team, bouncing ideas off us and getting support for new projects.

We have also designed & built many websites for many businesses, some we manage, some the clients look after themselves.

Our clients are spread out across the whole of the UK & Ireland.

Our Location

Our team is spread over not just the UK but the planet, but the HQ is in Northern Ireland in the foothills of the Mourne Mountains, a rugged and no-nonsense landscape.

We believe this reflects in our work. We are a down to earth no-nonsense team who get on doing the job at hand without any fuss.

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Caffeine Injection
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