Where possible we like to work with fixed prices, this helps everyone set and stick to budgets.

These prices are all approx. As things can change depending on requirements.

Template Websites

Starting at only £150 / €175 for a single page and £350 / €400 for a five-page website. Additional pages start at £90 / €100 per page.

If the standard template design works for you "as-is", then that is all you will pay. If you need us to customise it and/or add specific functionality, this will increase the price.

Typically we find most five-page template websites come in around the £500 / €600 mark.

Bespoke Websites

Bespoke sites are built from the ground up to suit your specific requirements, so prices can vary massively.

As a rough guide, we find the initial design work costs about £300 / €350, with an average page price of £100 / €110.

Typically a bespoke site with around seven pages ends up costing about £1000 / €1200.

Website Updating

There are three ways to have us maintain a website for you.

Monthly Contract: Starting at £100/€120 for three hours a month. Includes free hosting.

Pre-Pay: Buy a block of 8hrs for £250/€300, then use as and when you need them.

Pay As You Go: The simplest but most expensive option, charged at £40/€47 per hour.

Website Review

Dependent on what areas of your online footprint you want us to review, but for a typical ten-page website to include your Google performance, we charge c. £200 / €250.

We will look at your website in general, its SEO performance, usability, Google integration and search engine results.

This is 100% refundable if you employ our services.

Content Creation

If you need us to produce content for you, say a blog post, the charge depends on how much we do.

If you can send us a "brain-dump" of information to turn into content, a typical post will cost from £20 - £40, depending on size.

If we have to create the content from scratch, that figure can double or triple.

We create logos from £100 / €120. And about £10 / €15 for image sourcing and processing.

Website Analytics

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Facebook Campaign

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Google My Business

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Email Marketing

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