Bespoke Websites

I'm Steve. I make bespoke websites. These are hand-built to meet your exact requirements with all your needed features.
From £500 / €600.

Why Bespoke?

If you have a particular requirement or design, I can make you a bespoke website.

Not So Expensive

Bespoke sites are designed and built to include all the features you need. With prices from £500 / €600, it won't break the bank.

Unique To You

With a template site, you get less choice but a big saving. That's great, but it's not for everyone. Some want their new site to meet a specific design brief or perform a particular function.

That's where my bespoke sites come in.

Not That Expensive

Five-page websites start at about £500 / €600 for a simple design with no out-of-the-ordinary requirements. With additional pages at about £100 / €120 each.

If you need things like a members area, interactive data-gathering forms, or anything else, these typically add £150 / 200 to the total price.

Content Management System

If you want to manage your website's content (words and pictures), I can do that.

My CMS systems range from simple to complex, giving you just the right amount of control to keep your site fresh and up-to-date without incurring any additional costs.

Content Creation

Logo, words and images are collectively called your content. If you've already produced it, send it to me. If not, don't worry. I can help.

Logo design starts at about £100 / €120, with image and graphics creation charged by the hour.

My copywriter can produce both informal and formal content from 0.03p / 0.05c per word.

Sell Online 24/7

My sites are 100% compatible with all the leading online store platforms, so your online store will display perfectly on your site.

Or, I can add one of our systems for selling online. I've several to choose from, get in touch for details.

Look Great On All Devices

Nowadays, websites have to look great on many different device sizes, which is called "responsive design".

All my websites are built and tested to work beautifully on every screen size you can think of, from the smallest smartphone to the biggest desktop.

Start Small Grow Big

Not sure where your business is going in the next few years? Who does nowadays?

My sites are 100% scaleable, meaning I can add pages and features as you need them, not all at the start.

Save money by starting with what you need today, not what you think you might need tomorrow.

Get Great Google

You can have the best site in the world, but it's pointless if no one can find it on Google.

All my sites are thoroughly search engine optimised for your keywords and phrases before deployment. Ensuring you the best chance of great search results.

Regular Updates

As well as designing and building great websites, I can keep them fresh and engaging with regular content updates.

New blog posts, store products, page features, or even full pages. I can do it all as part of a monthly management contract.

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