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Email marketing burner domains and warm-up

Why you should use a burner domain and how to warm it up.

The basics explained.

This is an explanation of the things needed to make a website work.

Not sure what your new site needs?

Want a new site but not sure what it should invlude? Read this.

What is web page metadata?

Meta page data is vital for converting search results to site hits.

How to send content for your site.

If you need to send us words and pictures to add to your site, read this.

What is CMS?

CMS is a term you will hear a lot. Read this to understand what it means.

I do not work with WordPress.

This is why I do not woth with WordPress.

Why you should clean your mailing list

Cleaning your mailing list is vital to maintain a good email reputation.

My site is down.

Site down? Read this first.

Onsite form not working?

If the form on your site is not working, read this.

Can I host a site myself?

Want to host a site on your own server? Read this.

Adding Google Analytics

Want to add GA to your site? Read this.

What is content?

You will hear the term content a lot. This is what it means.

What is a domain name?

Every website needs one. Read this to learn more about them.

Renewing my domain.

Renewing your domain is vital. Read this for for info.

Your domain name.

Domain names are vital for a website. Read this for more info.

Adding a manager to a Google Business Profile.

If I am to manage your Google Profile, read this.

What is hosting?

Not sure what hosting means? Read this.

What is a server?

Servers are where your website is stored. Read on for more details.

How can I send you large data files?

Need to send me lots of pictures? Read this.

Can we video call?

Video calls are a great way to chat and share-screens.

My newsletter looks odd in Outlook.

If your newsletter looks odd in outlook, read this for the reasons why.

Creating and sending newsletters.

This is my process for creating and sending newsletters.

Adding your domain email to devices.

Need help getting your email working on your devices? Read this.

Connect Gmail to my domain email

If you want to get your domain email via Gmail, read this.

How to setup email on your iPhone.

Need to add your domain email to an iPhone? Read this.

My emails are not working.

What you do if you are not getting emails.

About email.

Email is a vital tool, read this to learn more about it.

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