Easy Forum

Perfect for simple discussion, support requests, pre-sales enquiries and even FAQ's.

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    • As well as great for discussion, forums are a great way to manage support requests. Simply set up a forum category called "support" and link to it from your support documentation. You can allow...



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Easy Forum

Online forums are a great way to encourage user interaction, but there is more to them than just general discussion. Forums can be used to manage support requests, pre-sale enquiries and even interactive FAQ's.

Our Easy Forum software is perfect for a simple online chat forum, support forum, Q&A facility or even an FAQ. It's very easy to use and highly configurable too, so you get your forum exactly as YOU want it.

Key Features

  • Multiply forum capability
  • Admin & editor users
  • Restrict posting to registered users
  • Full moderation
  • Sortable categories
  • Colour coded to match your site

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