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Knowledge Base

Often Called An "FAQ"

Knowledge bases, or FAQ's as they are often called, is a great way to reduce repetitive questions from clients over email or phone.

Every time you get asked a standard question, add it and the answer to your knowledge base, then direct the next person to ask the question to it.

Our knowledgebase addon is entirely managed by you: You can add as many questions and answers as you want, and even add additional staff as "editors" to help manage things.

Key Features

  • Self-managed: You add qestions and maintain answers
  • Sortable by categories
  • Full searchable via built in facility
  • Glossary of terms feature
  • Fully customisable to suit your website
  • Easy to maintain and grow
  • Multi-user: Admins and editors

Addon Costs

Website NOT built by is

Addons can be added to almost any third party site (not built by us). We set everything up then send you a code widget to add to your page.

  • Setup Costs: £100 / €125
  • Monthly cost £10 / €14

We can help you add the widget to your third party site if required, we will need your admin log-in details. There is a charge for this service.

"How-to" Videos

We make a range of "how-to" videos for many of our addons, showing you how to set things up, manage and update your addon.

Click the "See Videos" link (right on desktop, below on mobile) and check the orange buttons to see the videos for your chosen addon.

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