Food Delivery Manager

Take orders online, arrange timed collections from multiply locations or local delivery in a defined geographical area. All online, entirely automated process.

About Food Delivery

If you want to automate your online menu, ordering and delivery process completely without adding additional monthly costs to your business, look at our online food delivery manager.

Fully managed by you using any device, even a smartphone. Food Delivery is easy to set up, easy to operate and easy for your customers to order their food. For collection instore, or have delivered.

The food Delivery Manager handles every aspect of the process, from displaying the menu, taking orders, charging the customers, timing collections and scheduling deliveries, leaving you time to get with running your business.

Key Features

  • Interactive Online Menu Display
  • Order totally and online payment (if required)
  • Schedule collection times
  • Arrange delivery times
  • Multiple locations
  • Email & SMS notfications
  • Voucher System

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