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Pricingtransparent & fixed

We like to keep our pricing simple. Where possible we work on a fixed price, so you know precisely what something will cost.

We're not a big agency with a CEO looking his next yacht, we're a small team with kids to feed and mortgages to pay. We charge a fair price for great work.

Below are our guides to what our stuff typically costs. For an accurate quote get in touch so we can discuss your unique requirements.

Template Sites

Pre-defined websites with a customisable theme



Highly affordable
Fast to deploy
Mobile Friendly
SEO out of the box

Bespoke Sites

Built around you to drive your business & brand



Full CMS
Shopping cart
Online brochures
Limitless pages
SEO out of the box

Site Management

Daily weekly & monthly site updates



Image production
Copy writing
Page construction
Blog posts
General updates

News Letters

Your message direct to clients inboxes



Initial template- £50
Content design- £50
Distribution £25 per 2000
Unsubscribe management
Full tracking

Social Media

Individual posts to full management



Post creation- £25
Campaign setup- £50
Page setup- £50
Messenger -£50
Full management- £100

iBikeshop re-theme

A new look for your iBikeshop website



New colour scheme
Navigation overhaul
Fixed page conversion
Icons and logo
Homepage rebuild

New iBikeshop Build

Sit back and let us to EVERYTHING!



Theme design
Navigation construction
Home & fixed pages
All content creation
Product population

iBikeshop Overhaul

Boost your iBikeshop with an overhaul



Theme design
Navigation construction
New home & fixed pages
Full SEO check
Product sorting

Homepage Rebuild

Refresh your homepage



Logo tuning
Fresh page layout
Updated icons
New images
Product placement

Blog & News Articles

Improve engagement and SEO



Topic origination
Graphics creation
Copy writing
Layout design
Social versioning

Individual Page Creation

Grow your site one page at a time



Topic origination
Graphics creation
Copy writing
Layout design
Social versioning

Managed Hosting£20 pcm

Let us take care of everything with our fully managed hosting service, including domain names, daily backups and email accounts, leaving you to focus on driving your business.

Site Managementfrom £100 pcm

We manage your site on a monthly basis, keeping it updated with new content and looking fresh. Hosting is free on all managed sites.


ManagementFrom £100 pcm

Your website is the shop window to your business, and just like any shop front it's vital, you keep it updated and on-trend. We understand how hard this can be for most though; it's why we offer a monthly management program for any website owner.

On a regular basis, we can create new images and text, for your website AND social media posts, create engaging articles, regularly mailshot your clients, add features to your website and work as your remote in-house online marketing dept.

Monthly contracts start at £100 plus vat and include free hosting. There is no minimum term, no holiday pay and instant termination if required. Contact us to discuss your precise requirements.

Hosting£20 pcm

Our standard hosting package is perfect for most of the sites we create. For £20 a month we'll supply your domain name, publish your site and monitor it to ensure it's all running smoothly.

We'll setup an email account or you with 100mg of storage, take daily backups of everything and even install an SSL cert if needed.

Storage & Bandwidth: Our hosting package includes enough of both to keep the typical site active. We don't put numbers on it as they're meaningless to most. Suffice to say in most cases you'll be covered. If you start to use more than everyone else, we'll talk to you before anything drastic happens.

Please Note: Our standard hosting package doesn't cover sites with online carts and similar. These sites will incur additional hosting costs and are worked out on an individual basis.

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