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In 2001 we helped a local bike shop get online and start selling.

Since then we have continued to work with the UK & Irish bike trade, helping many IBDs harness the power of the internet to drive their business.

Over the years we have helped many bike shops use the web to both sell online and drive in-store traffic.

This unparalleled experience and unique understanding of the trade is why we are the go-to agency within the sector.

  • Websites

    Simple static or full CMS

    From simple template powered sites to full ecommerce solutions with all the bells and whistles, we can design and build you an affordable site that will work and won't break the bank.

    We have been creating sites for bike shops and cycle workshops for years, we know exactly what you should and shouldn't do, what will drive traffic to your door and what will increase your sales online.


    From only £200 there is no reason not to have a great website.


    Start small and grow your site as your business expands.


    Self updating means you edit and add content as often as you life, for free!


    All our sites are 100% responsive and pass the Google "Mobile Ready" test.

  • Content

    Your website IS your shop front

    Before visiting your shop most new and existing customers will visit your website first. It's vital your site is up to date with your latest information, services, news and offers.

    If your site is regularly updated, informative, clear and concise, your chances of converting from web visitor to shop customer is high.

    If your site is disorganised, with thin content, unattractive images and out of date information, they will seek out your competitor.

    Keeping your site current can be a full time job, and if you don't know what you’re doing it can be a daunting task. We have over 15 years experience keeping bike shop websites up to date with informative engaging content and eye catching graphics.

    With Caffeine Injection on board you can focus on serving your in-store customers, we can focus on generating foot fall and online sales.

  • iBikeshops

    Authorised iBikeshop Managers

    The iBikeshop platform is developed and maintained by Siwis Ltd. It is the leading website solution aimed primarily at UK and Irish bike shops. You can find details about it here.

    iBikeshops are self managed feature rich websites design specifically for bike shops. The platform includes full e-commerce facilities, product management, shopping cart, secure checkout, online finance and Google shopping integration.

    Since iBikeshop’s launch in 2003 we have been working with the developer, pushing its capabilities and leveraging the most out of what is today the industry leading Content Management System solution for bike shops. Whilst the platform is built to be user friendly, to get the most out of it requires considerable know-how and time.

    Over the last decade we have developed our skills and tools alongside the platform and can offer this experience and know-how to you. From the creation of home and fixed pages including all content, full product management including Google Shopping integration, to the complete management of your site on a one off or contract basis, we can help you get the most out of your own iBikeshop website.

    We design iBikeshop themes, build and get ready for air new iBikeshop installations, overhaul existing sites and manage them on a week to week basis.

  • Social Networking

    Social Network Management

    Love or hate them, the social networks are here to stay. Ignoring them is like having a room full of existing and potential customers and never entering it. Entering the room is the easy bit, working out who in the room you want to interact with, getting their attention and keeping them engaged is the trick. But it doesn’t end there. Once you’ve got them engaged you need to convert them to customers, this is where the real challenge begins.

    For the average small bike shop keeping on top of social media can be a time consuming challenge. It’s a task often handed to a younger member of staff, more often than not resulting is a quantity over quality approach.

    At Caffeine Injection we can manage all your social network activity. Creating interesting and engaging content in the form of image, text and video. Interacting with customers on your behalf. Setting up and managing ad campaigns and ensuring your content is seen in the right places by the right people.

    If you need help is setting up and linking your accounts we can do that too.

  • Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

    Mailshots can make or break a customer relationship. Get them right and your customers will see them as a vital way to keep abreast of what you’re up to. Get them wrong and you’re on their spam list.

    Fact is, most shops don’t send out regular newsletters. Lack of time and ability to create visually appealing emails is the most common reason. Lack of distribution the next. Not having a mailing list is the third. We can help on all three counts.

    We have an active list of opt-in email address that numbers over 20k, 80% of which is UK/Ireland based and over half of these are known to have an interest in bikes. We can send your maishots to any number of these subscribers, breaking them down by geographical location and interest.

    We can produce everything from simple text emails to full HTML newsletters containing live links, images and even video. You send us your message, we will do the rest, even sourcing and creating unique images.

    We can distribute your message via our own Amazon hosted mail servers, meaning super fast reliable delivery and zero chance of your own domain being blacklisted. We can manage replies, unsubscribe requests and even monitor call to action performance.


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