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    This is a showroom page, built to display a selection of the products you stock, or perhaps your most recent sale items. Showrooms can be added to any of our sites.

    Showroom pages are limited to a maximum of 50 items, although they work best with around 20-30. A site can have as many showroom pages as you wish.

    The cost of a showroom page depends on the type and amount of content, contact us for exact costs.

    Showroom pages require an initial setup. This involves designing and constructing the actual page and integrating it into the navigation system. We then have to design your individual product panels.

    Once this is complete, we can create and add your products, which involves sourcing and processing product images, gathering variant details, specifications and descriptions, then adding it all to the site, one product at a time.

    This is a very time-consuming process, and until we know what data is readily available to us we can't offer a precise cost, but it is normally from £1.50 per item, with an initial population of at least five items.

    Showroom Is a chargable add-on to all sites.

    Initial Setup£50

    from £1.50per product record

    If you already have one of our sites and want this module added to your site open a support ticket.



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Product showroom for your website.