{{If your website is beyond a few pages a search engine is vital to help your site visitors find the data they want.

And not only does a search facility improve your visitor experience, so helping convert them to a client, a well engineered search facility adds professionalism to your site and so your services.

The cheap way to add search to your site is using Googles third party extension, but as well being displayed the results from your site, the user will also be served targeted paid for adverts, in other words, your competitors.

Our search module doesn't rely on Google, instead it builds it's own index of your site using it's own search engine, these serving up accurate results in super fast time.}}

Sample Search Box Styles

Many more possible

These are all working samples of the styles of search boxes available.

If you use one, you will search this site and be sent to the search page to view the results.

Adding a search facility to even a small site is highly recommended. Often a search box is the first thing a site visitor will look for. If they don't find one, very often they immediately leave the site.
Due to the additional work involved in adding them, search boxes are not standard on any of our sites but a paid for additional, typically adding about £50 to the build/setup cost.

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