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Open Hours is a brilliant tool to encourage site visitors to visit your business or contact you.

Open Hours displays a different message on your site based on times of the day. It can be setup to display a message such as "we're open, come and see us" during opening hours, or "Sorry we're closed" when closed.

It doesn't end there though. As well as displaying a message based on the time it can also tell the site visitor when your business is next open if closed, or closing time if open.

Open Hours is location aware, so can adjust the message displayed based on the location of your business AND the site visitor. It even accounts for DST!

If you already have one of our sites and want this module added to your site open a support ticket.

Live Demos

It's %myCurrentTime%, the business is open.

The business is closed, re-opens at %nextOpeningTime% on %nextOpeningDate%.

The message in the grey box will change depending on the time of the day. Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm it will display the current time and a message about the business being open.

Outside of these times the message will explain the business is closed and the next time it will be open.

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Display different messages based on different times of the day.