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{{Instagram is an excellent platform for sharing photos and images relevant to your business with the rest of the world. Adding photos to Instagram is super easy and can be done from any mobile device.

Adding new images to your website is a great way to keep it looking fresh and current, and now, with our new Instagram addon it dead easy too: Just add your new images to your Instagram account and as if by magic they will instantly appear in your website.

Cool, eh?

We can add the new Instagram addon to almost any page on any website we've built. We've also got a range of ways to display the images, either one at a time, a scrolling slide of a grid formation.

Check out the sample below.

Our Instagram addon is infinitely customisable to perfectly fit your website and requirements, just tell us what you want and we can make it happen.}}

Please note: As with any addon that relies on a third party service, we can not guarantee how long this feature will work. We have no reason to think the third party relied upon for this addon to work will block it, but it can happen at any moment without any notice.

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January 1st 2017

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