Caffeine Injection. Online service to the UK & Irish IBD & workshop sector.

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What We Do

We build and maintain websites, create content, produce and distribute newsletters and manage social networks.

We work with clients in all sectors, specialising in service & retail SMEs.

We've been doing this since 2001.



Love or hate them, the social networks are here to stay. Ignoring them is like having a room full of existing and potential clients and never entering it.

Entering the room is the easy bit, working out who in the room you want to interact with, getting their attention and keeping them engaged is the trick.

But it doesn’t end there. Once you’ve got them engaged you need to convert them to customers, this is where the real challenge begins.

We can help with all this, we can get your message out there, across social media and direct to your customers inboxes.


Account setup and management.


Posts for your social media networks.


Daily interactions with your followers.


Ad campaign management.


Our Work

Some examples of what we do.

See the portfolio page for more.

  • Cycletech Eastbourne
  • Barber Website Design
  • Newlec Cycles
  • My Image
  • Leeds Cycles

Bike Shops

In 2001 we helped a local bike shop get online and start selling.

Since then we have continued to work with the UK & Irish bike trade, helping many IBDs harness the power of the internet to drive their business.

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Caffeine Injection
10c 72b Dunmore Road
Co. Down BT24 8PR

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